Petition for reconstruction and an end to the Gaza blockade( 8. August 2016)

It is now the second anniversary of the start of the most recent Gaza war, which lasted from 8 July to 26 August 2014. Together with over 40 other international aid agencies, HEKS/EPER was among the first to sign a...

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HEKS supports threatened Christians and other minorities in Northern Iraq(10. October 2014)

For weeks now, thousands of people have been fleeing areas of fierce fighting in Iraq. Those especially under threat are religious minorities such as Christians or Yazidis. Lacking are the barest necessities for...

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Round two of HEKS "Equal opportunity pays off" campaign(22. May 2014)

With the outcome of the referendum on mass immigration the Swiss electorate has also made clear that the potential of the domestic workforce should be better taken into account by the Swiss labour market. HEKS and the...

For HEKS and SAV, equal opportunity on the job market means that the only deciding factors in recruitment procedures and career development are a person's ability, knowledge and talent, rather than others such
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HEKS provides 250,000 francs in reconstruction support for flood victims in Serbia(20. May 2014)

In conjunction with its partner organization the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO), HEKS is providing 250,000 francs worth of reconstruction aid for flood victims in western Serbia. Some four million people...

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First Online Annual Report( 5. May 2014)

HEKS is breaking new ground in its annual reporting and presents you with the 2013 Annual Report online, for the first time.

Umfassend und transparent
Auf www.heks2013.ch
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1,700 houses for people on Panay Island in the Philippines(25. February 2014)

On 8 November the Philippines was hit by the worst typhoon on record. HEKS is providing two million francs in humanitarian aid for victims. Food was distributed in November and December and houses are now being built...

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