• Legal Advice Office for socially disadvantaged people in Aargau

  • Canton of Aargau, Aarau

  • People who live on the margins of society are often denied competent legal assistance. In addition, many of these people are out of their depth when dealing with authorities and extensive legislation and are therefore unable to demand or protect their rights. They need someone to turn to as a confidante.

    The Legal Advice Office for socially disadvantaged people in Aarau provides free and professional advice for people seeking help. Advisors help them to understand legal matters and point out opportunities for self-help. The Legal Advice Office will undertake legal representation in individual cases of severe hardship.

  • HEKS No: 510.025
  • Total project cost 2016:   CHF 183 000.-
  • Supported by: Otto Erich Heynau, Vontobel Familienstiftung [Vontobel Family Foundation], Migros Genossenschaft Aare [Migros Cooperative Aare], fondia Stiftung zur Förderung der Gemeindediakonie [fondia Foundation for the Promotion of Community Welfare and Social Work]

Donate: PC 80-1115-1

Contact us: 

HEKS Regionalstelle AG/SO
Rechtsberatung für sozial Benachteiligte
Augustin-Keller-Str. 1
5001 Aarau
Tel.: +41 62 836 30 20
email: rechtsberatung.aargau@heks.ch

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